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EMILY’s List: More Than 11000 Democratic Women Are Interested in Running for Office So Far This Year

April 23, 2017 

Glamour: EMILY's List: More Than 11,000 Democratic Women Are Interested in Running for Office So Far This Year

If you're feeling down about the current political situation—especially when it comes to issues like the wage gap, reproductive rights, and who's in control of deciding on all those issues (hint: it's not exactly a panel of women)—there's a bit of silver lining ahead. EMILY's List, an organization that helps get pro-choice Democratic women elected to office, says that more than 11,000 women have reached out them to express interest in running for office. That's huge. For context, the organization said it spoke with 900 women in all of 2016.

Now, just four months into the new year (and just shy of 100 days into the Trump administration), more than 12 times that number of Democratic women from all 50 states already have their eyes on positions on their local school boards, in state legislatures, and in Congress. If ever there has been a time to use #ShePersisted, it's now.

“This is unprecedented,” Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, told the Washington Post on Friday. Back in November, EMILY's List partnered with every single Democratic woman in the Senate and Hillary Clinton for a video explaining exactly why having women in government is so vital. The message? "Roll up your sleeves and get in the ring," Sen. Amy Klobuchar said in the short. "If we don't stand up for ourselves, no one else will," added Sen. Maria Cantrell.

Could it be the Trump administration's policies that repeal safeguards for women (or the past behavior of the president himself)? The inspiring success of the Women's Marches? A response to seeing powerful women, like Clinton, highly visible in the media? The example set by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has already confirmed she'll run for reelection to the Senate next year and has called on women to run as "warriors"? Whatever it is, we're here for it.

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