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Elizabeth Warren slams Trump’s ‘gutter politics’ after ‘Pocahontas’ insult

New York Daily News: Elizabeth Warren slams Trump's 'gutter politics' after 'Pocahontas' insult

By Christopher Brennan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren hit back at President Trump calling her “Pocahontas” during a Native American event and decried his “gutter politics.”

Trump belittled an unnamed “representative in Congress” Monday at an event for Navajo Code Talkers by bringing up the offensive nickname with which he has repeatedly labeled Warren.

The Massachusetts Democrat labeled the insult a racial slur late Monday night and said that the President had sunk to a “disgusting new low” by using it an event meant to honor heroes of World War II.

“He did this because he thinks that he can bully me and shut me up. He thinks he can bully and silence anybody he wants,” she posted on Facebook.

“He ran a campaign that started with racial attacks and then rode the escalator down. This is the very worst of gutter politics.”

Warren repeated that she learned about her small amount of Native American heritage from family stories, and did not benefit from claiming it.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said Monday that Trump’s use of “Pocahontas” was not a slur, claimed that Warren was “lying about her heritage to advance her career.”

The senator, a longtime consumer protection advocate, said in her Facebook that the focus should not be on name-calling, but on White House policies such as those on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.