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KTVQ: ‘Emily’s List’ President, Montana native Stephanie Schriock speaks at DNC

July 28, 2016

KTVQ: 'Emily's List' President, Montana native Stephanie Schriock speaks at DNC

by MTN News

PHILADELPHIA - The President of Emily’s List is what she calls a “Proud Montanan and Democrat,” according to her Twitter bio.  

Stephanie Schriock went to high school in Butte, Montana, played basketball and swam for the Bulldogs.

Emily’s List is a 31-year-old organization that was founded on the mission of electing pro-choice Democratic women to Congress.

She spoke on the arena of the DNC early in the evening. 

Schriock has been involved with politics since her early days volunteering for Montana’s Pat Williams. Since then, she’s helped elect several women officials to Congress through Emily’s List.

“We’ve helped elect 19 women to the United States Senate, over a hundred women to the house and 11 governors,” said Schriock. “In Montana, we’re hoping to elect another one to the house in 2016 with our endorsement of Denise Juneau to Congress.”

Christine Kauffman, the party-leader elected official for Clinton, jokingly said she was Schriock’s “gay marriage advisor” for Senator Jon Tester’s campaign before his election in 2007.

Kauffman reached out to Schriock because she had a few concerns about Tester’s stance on gay marriage. Now Kauffman and Schriock have known each other a number of years and work closely with Carol’s List and Emily’s List, respectively.

Carol’s List is a group founded by Carol Williams, Carol Juneau, Kauffman and Diane Sands. Its mission mirrors Emily’s List, and though they are not directly tied to one another, they work collectively on many initiatives and elections.

“She is very active with Emily’s List, and she’s an inspiration to all Montana Democrats,” said Clinton superdelegate Jorge Quintana who’s also worked closely with Schriock.

Schriock tries to come back to Montana often and thinks her parents raised her right.

“My parents raised me with our democratic values,” said Schriock to the Montana Delegation breakfast Wednesday. “Those values that hold us together, you know what those are. We’re talking about equality, fairness, inclusion, justice, we’re talking about community.”