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EMILY’s List knows that research and data are the foundation that all great campaigns and organizations need to be successful. Anyone can put a poll in the field or target voters, but we know that it’s not just how you ask questions or mobilize people to get out and vote on Election Day — it’s also how you ask and who you ask that matters.

EMILY’s List has been the leader in research and data on women voters and candidates.

In 1996, we began building a comprehensive data file on the political views and voting behaviors of women. We’re asking the tough questions — the questions behind the polling and data. What motivates women? What challenges do they face? How should we communicate with them where they live? We’ve pioneered innovative techniques to dispel myths about women voters and explain how they take in and process political information. We know that when women vote, they drive progressive change.

In 2012, EMILY’s List released the Impact Project, a data-driven study analyzing how Democratic women in Congress make a difference for women and families. Our data shows that Democratic women have been the most progressive voting bloc in Congress for over 20 years. From equal pay to Title IX to access to women’s healthcare, Democratic women have proven that winning matters. They’ve championed the change that makes peoples’ lives better.

In 2013, we launched our affiliated research arm, American Women. Through this new organization, we’re working to amplify the voices of women across the country on the issues that matter to them and their families. Through extensive research and polling, American Women will increase awareness of the needs, values, beliefs and behaviors of women with regard to critical issues facing our nation — issues like ending gender discrimination in pay and raising the minimum wage. Working strategically with partners and leaders who share our goals, we’ll use research-driven messages to educate, inform and influence public policy advocates to support legislative agendas that improve the lives of women and families.

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