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We ignite change by getting pro-choice
Democratic women elected to office.


Supporting Campaigns


EMILY's List drives the progressive change that makes lives better for women and families. Our pro-choice Democratic women in the House and Senate have successfully blocked the backwards anti-woman agenda of the Republican party, and helped pass historic progressive, pro-family policies. Our Democratic women governors have led the charge on education, health care and voter rights reforms.

EMILY’s List’s work to support our women candidates starts at the beginning. It’s the top-to-bottom and start-to-finish support that has helped candidates up and down the ballot wage and win some of the toughest, closest campaigns in history.


We don’t sit back and wait for candidates to emerge — we go and find them. We talk to local officials, we research up-and-coming community leaders, and we hit the road to identify and recruit pro-choice Democratic women to run for House, Senate and governor — while building a “farm team” of locally elected women who fight for our values and are ready to run for future federal and statewide offices.


EMILY's List operatives are in the corner for dozens of women running for U.S. House, U.S. Senate, Governors' seats, and more. Our smart and seasoned political professionals interact early and often with candidates and their campaigns, helping them develop and execute winning fundraising, communications and mobilization strategies. Our EMILY’s List political team is constantly traveling the country to put our members' investments to work - we know these campaigns are tough, and we know how to win them.


Our team gets on the ground in these races to look under the hood and really get a feel for the changing dynamics. We figure out what’s working — and what isn’t. So EMILY’s List is able to be a strategic partner not just to our candidates, but to our members too. Winning elections isn’t easy, and every year, EMILY’s List has an ambitious map full of races. We take the resources our community gives us seriously — and we only make the wisest investments at the right time.

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