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Democratic women elected to office.


Candidate Recruitment

How can we make sure that we have more Democratic women serving at every level, from city councils to state legislatures to Congress? We need more women running and winning at every level! That’s why every election cycle, EMILY’s List recruits candidates from the start.

We travel all across the country to find, recruit, and train the women who are already leaders in their communities and we give them the tools they need to take the next step and run for office. Then we help them win by building strong campaigns and always thinking about their next step.

EMILY’s List builds the pipeline of strong women candidates up and down the ballot – because we’ll never have 50 percent representation in Congress until we have women filling out every state legislature and city council in the country. By building a farm team, we’re also putting strong women in charge of decisions that affect women and families every day – from the legislators who write laws to the attorneys general who defend and enforce them, and the secretaries of state who ensure access to the ballot.


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