EMILY's List

We ignite change by getting pro-choice
Democratic women elected to office.


What We Do


Seeking to put women into office who can make significant contributions to education, health care, voting rights, and economic equality, we have systematically defined a strategic approach to winning elections that drive progressive change.

We recruit the strongest candidates, support campaigns that can win, study the electorate, and turn out the vote. Find out more:

Recruitment and Building
EMILY's List recruits women to run for office at every level across the country. Finding strong women and building winning campaigns is the beginning of igniting change.

Supporting Our Campaigns
From research, communications, and mobilization strategies, EMILY’s List supports our candidates’ campaigns from start to finish because these races are tough. And we know how to win them.

Research & Data
In 1996, we began comprehensive research on the political views and voting behaviors of women to dispel myths about their involvement in the political process. For almost twenty years, we’ve known that when women vote, they drive change.

Since 1995, we’ve used our WOMEN VOTE! programs to get women to the polls and elect pro-choice Democratic women. WOMEN VOTE! is about igniting change that matters to women and their families.

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